Saturday, April 20, 2013

PERSONAL BRANDING: Book it! Why There's No Better Time Than NOW

    Are you patient… or are your instincts to "force the now," make it happen,  and take what comes with the risk?

    Log onto Facebook.  Check and see who’s viewed your LinkedIn profile this week.  Go ahead, jump on Twitter and tweet something.  Cost you anything?

    And that’s my point.  The opportunity is right there in front of you – basically begging you to take advantage of a big world that has a spot in it for you.  And it’s all free of charge.

    I read a good book lately by the co-founder of LinkedIn,  Reid Hoffman, who joined Ben Casnocha to author  "The Start-up of YOU.”   It’s a fascinating read, and a fast one at that. 

    The book challenges your inner-entrepreneurial spirit and forces you to re-think the ways you're using branding tools you'd consider only when looking for a job.  What it suggests is that, new to the professional world or veteran of many years,  we should be doing these things every day.

    A few years ago I found myself thinking about things I hadn’t before.  For so many years my professional tunnel vision was on television and broadcasting. Loved it since I was a kid – wanted nothing else.  But things can change, emotions are altered, and I asked myself questions like… what I stood for, who was I helping, how was I growing and where was I really going.

    I think we all do that at some point. At the end of the day, we are in charge of ourselves and how we’re remembered.  (Still love TV by the way)
    In my opinion, now is the time for people to take advantage of what’s out there.  Why?

    It’s not costing you anything.  And how long can that last?  Is Facebook free forever?  Think about it…. at what point will we be charged to visit our friends or followers on a social site.  How long can we be allowed to view somebody’s photos on Instagram?  Starting your own YouTube account without mortgaging your future?  I think you get the point.

   Your career may depend on it.  Ask yourself this… How am I different than the next guy or gal?  And how can I truly show that before I’m given the job or the next opportunity.  Don’t think for a minute that social media platforms aren't looked at in the job placement or recruiting arena. 

Tapping into a bigger Brand is at YOUR Fingertips

    Nothing comes easily.  Nobody just happens to get noticed.  People work at their particular craft.  People gain experience and people build trust and respect.  The key is to showcase your worth as you accomplish things worthy of attention.  Nearly everybody’s doing it – so don’t feel self-centered or self-important by jumping in.  What we should all be doing is becoming more of a self-starter. We should help others at every opportunity.   After all, the social media space has endless opportunities and it’s basically begging you to grab one.  And the choice of working to raise your profile probably means you've helped to grow others around you at the same time.  That's worth talking about.

    As always, thanks for following this blog, sharing with others and sharing your thoughts with me.  I’m always impressed by those who’ve cared to pass this on via Twitter.  You can follow me @KraigKann .. and share comments directly.

Thought of the Day: Those who choose to wait may come too late and miss out on an opportunity.  Build your brand now while the world’s focused on it.


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