Friday, August 30, 2013

PERSONAL BRANDING: How a 'Brand' New Mindset Can Help YOU

 "Just Another Name?" - Think Differently
   Imagine this… you’re in front of a group of college or high school students and you’ve got fifty minutes to make an impact.  What do you tell them?

    I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me as I trust some of you have had that opportunity.  I truly enjoy the chance to visit with students… much because when I was in their shoes I was searching for affirmation of my own.

    Here’s what I tell them… think of yourself as a “brand.”  And think of how you’ll – not only launch that brand – but build that brand as well.  It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to college, headed to the workplace… or headed toward the prime of your career.  Ask yourself, what do I stand for?  What am I striving for? How can I make a unique name for myself?

How Can I Make a Name For Myself?
     It’s important to find a way to separate yourself from the crowd.  It’s what athletes do, actors do, businesses attempt to do... and it’s what we should all try to do.  Find a way to make an impact.  Being among the many doesn't do much for you. 

    Here’s SIX things that come to mind as a way you can showcase your own “brand”…

    Be a great interview when you get the chance.  And that interview might be for a job… or an interview with a reporter.  Don’t just spend the time.  Make the most of the time and say something or be somebody worth remembering.

    Do something worth noticing.  Don’t wait for people to take notice… plan something you can achieve that makes people take notice. 

   Surround yourself with stars.  People who hire look to hire extraordinary talent.  People who achieve success tend to hang with others who’ve done the same.  And if you’re looking to up your own anty… find a crowd who makes you better.
Hang With Success

   Be a good speaker when you find the stage.  Not everyone gets the stage.  When you do, work to be dynamic and be somebody worth remembering.  Make people leave with an image of your brand.

   Don’t be afraid to be a leader.  Some are born to be.  Some are not.  But it doesn’t mean you won’t get the chance.  And when you do… take ownership of the opportunity.  Allow those around you to see your plan and be a part of your plan. 

   Shape your image… it’s the only one you’ve got.  I’ll never forget this piece of advice: Dress where you want to go… not where you are.  After all, it’s how people see you that often defines what they’ll say first about you.  
Don't Sleep on Your Future... Build Something

    The message I give those students is simple. Wake up to what's out there because reality is competition.  In today’s world, if success is your goal, you have no choice but to stand out from the crowd.  So begin to find your way ASAP.

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Thought of the Day:  Your chance to grow might just come from building on the thoughts you have about what it is you stand for.

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