Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CAREER: How Are You "Trending?"

Are YOU "Trending?"
  If you spend any time at all taking part in, or working on social media platforms you know what the term "trending" means.
   For those unfamiliar... it's a hashtag (#) topic, name or idea that has captured the twitter world. "Currently popular" is another definition of something that's "trending." Bottom line, if you're trending on Twitter, or see something that is .... it's a big deal.
   Right now, I'm bullish on the LPGA as I feel like we're moving or "trending" in a positive direction.  I feel like we have momentum within our ranks, momentum with our fans and are on a decent upswing with those who cover our tour in the media.  You might not trust me on this... but if I truly felt otherwise, I'd say I was hoping or working to be part of an "upward trend" and not riding one.

    But let's focus on you. When's the last time you actually took stock of your current status? - professionally and personally.  Would you honestly consider you as trending northward? Or are you on a horizontal plane that has you searching for passion or a purpose?
 I've got a really good friend who runs a financial management institution in St. Louis.  Yes, he's in charge of the "Kann Family Finance Puzzle"... but he's far more than that.  His company is "trending" in a very positive direction ... and so, too, is he.
    A few years back, we had one of our typical discussions that turned ... and became very atypical.  The conversation wasn't about money management.  It became about professional growth, expansion and "trending."  He and I are very much on the same page when it comes to having a vision, having goals and working with purpose.  And we asked each other about our direction and what we were doing with our professional careers - and where we wanted to take ourselves.
Are You Comfortable With YOUR Direction?
   Here's why I bring this up.  If my career could play out as I envision, it would always be about accomplishing three things - each tied in some way to the topic of "trending."

    * Working in an environment with a positive culture
    * Working toward something each and every day to better that climate
    * Working without the idea of comfort ... and with the goal of becoming better

   To me, you don't have to change jobs to be "trending."  After all, I was a television host for 25 years and spent 17-plus at Golf Channel.  During much of that time, I took on new roles, new challenges and bigger responsibilities.  To me, what you have to be working on... is growing, building and seeking new challenges and goals within your job.... not focused on sending resumes for the next best opportunity.

   So, the next time you're on Twitter and you see a topic that's "trending" ... take a moment and ask yourself why?  Then spend a few minutes and do a self-evaluation. 
Thanks for Helping This Blog "Trend"

    I'd like to personally thank you all for reading this blog ... either as a first time reader or a repeat reader.  With more than 30,000 page views now, I feel like this blog is actually "trending" in many ways.  Thanks to you for the help!

    As always, I value your comments or things you'd like me to write about.  Share it right here or directly on Twitter by following me @KraigKann.

   Thought for the Day: Work to do something impactful and that's what you can become.  Simply work and settle for being anonymous.  So forget about what your business card says and become an entrepreneur of ideas and growth.

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