Thursday, September 5, 2013

PROFESSIONAL: Here’s What I Want to Do

Are You Willing to Step Out and Take the Lead?
   So you’re sitting in your office plotting your next meeting at which time you’ll brainstorm to create ideas and put together a plan that doles out responsibility to everyone to help achieve the goals of your team.  That’s all fine…. and is probably common for those who lead a team.  But if that’s the path you’re taking… it’s my belief that a key ingredient has already been missed.  

      I’d never lecture anyone on how best to run their team, be a part of a team etc.  … but to me, the next meeting you have would be a lot better for everyone if it was a conversation about ways to best execute the ideas that had already been generated from those eager to take the lead on something that truly motivates them. Think "volunteer for your strengths." Here’s what I mean. 
     I’ll always be someone whose brain is filled (probably a bit overcrowded) with ideas.   At times my ideas may get the best of me as it’s difficult to sort, chart and prioritize.  For me, the challenge is simplifying the number into a workable few that have a chance to make an impact.  And if there are only a workable few you end up focusing on… then what better than the ideas self-generated by the people who’ll carry them out in the first place.
    I’m always impressed by people who raise their hand… or stop me to toss something my way.  I love working with people who bring things to the table – ideas that may or may not generate results in the end, but ideas worthy of thought and things that can make a difference. I’ve been fortunate to work for - and with - people who challenged me to do the following three things:
                       * Come to work with a fresh perspective on the day
                       * Challenge the status quo with thought provoking ideas
                       * Respect those who have a different approach
    When this year began, I set our LPGA Communications team on a path to reach goals set forth by leaders in the organization.   Some of them have been quite a challenge.  That’s not a good thing…. that’s a great thing.  So… with each of those goals must come direction – right?  The key – as I see it – is one word. 

    It’s always a positive to have support from those around you.  The confidence from others that you can actually get favorable results is a powerful thing.  I once had a boss who told me –“tell me what you’re going to do, chase it hard and with sound planning…. and don’t be afraid to fail.”
I’d like to think I’m getting better at delegating.  But by that I don’t mean that I allow everyone to do everything for me.  Instead, I try to pass authority to others…  providing confidence that they can come at me with ideas that will potentially garner attention for all of us and create a bigger following in what we’re doing.  In our case… who has an idea that will make a difference for the LPGA?
Put Yourself Out There - Take the Risk
    So… now to you.  Ask yourself this:  How many times do you sit at your desk or drive into work wondering what’s been laid out before you and then become content to do it in the exact way it’s been presented.  Nothing wrong with that – we all have jobs to do.  But every day?  Also, ask yourself how many fresh ideas or new approaches you’ve generated lately and how many times you’ve said, “Hey, here’s what I want to do.”   The next question is… can you really do what you say you’re going to do?  There's your next challenge.
    Thanks, as always for following this blog and sharing the things that seem to stick with you.  I appreciate your comments either here… or on Twitter @KraigKann

Thought For the Day: Is the next great idea yours or does it belong to somebody else?  It’s a mindset.  Thinking differently might be the best thing you can do for you and your team.

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