Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PRODUCTIVITY: Here's Plane Advice To Help

"On-Air" Job to "In-Air" Job
Lately it seems like I’ve gone from a career “on the air” to a career “in the air.”  While at Golf Channel I spent my fair share of time on airplanes venturing to tournament sites - but nothing like I do now working on behalf of the LPGA. Wisconsin one week, Toledo the next, France this week, Toronto on the way.

Believe it or not, I’ve got no complaints.

Much of my time in the office is spent in meetings, making phone calls and building ideas with staff members. I like that.

But much of my job is about speaking to groups and I spend quite a bit of time working on speeches and seminar slides.  Doing that in the office where there are frequent interruptions or distractions becomes quite a challenge.... and it requires more "quiet time."  So where can I find more time to be productive on things that I'd rather not spend my entire workday on?   

Enter… the frequent flier zone.  And here are 5 things I save for 32,000 feet.

     1. PowerPoints – I have several on my computer and adjust them frequently.  Working on what you’ll say, or how you’ll say it is a lot easier when you are alone with your thoughts.  I’ve found that a 2 hour flight is plenty enough time to draft a good presentation.
    2. Email Drafts – Spending the day in the office answering and returning emails might be great for the people on the receiving end… but it doesn’t do wonders for my mental health.  To me, a work day is not an email day.  I try to create a specific time period to handle the most important.  But many of the rest can wait for my flight in a day or two.

   3. Books with Benefit – Who would really sit in their office and read a book while ignoring the rest of the working world around you?  Not me.  I have done more reading in the last year than I’ve done in the previous 10.  All with an eye on better productivity, leadership, brand building and communication.  An hour reading new material on a plane… goes a long way for me and also those I work with.

Airplanes provide a hub for IDEAS
    4. Ideas… Ideas… Ideas – Two hours under a captain’s control is just enough to make me dangerous.  I do a lot of thinking and note taking while sitting on airplanes.  I’ve got the little blue book to prove it.  Many of the things I’ve done over the last 4 years are the result of quiet time on US Airways, Delta or United.

   5. Personal Downtime – Yes, I have a social media platform and a blog.  And some of the blog posts I’ve written are formed between the clouds.  And if I don’t write the blog, I may create 5 blog ideas which go in that little blue book.

For me, there are two ways to look at flying time.  You can be bored and feel like you’re getting nothing more than frequent flier miles.  Or your mission can be to hop aboard and be productive.  Trust me, you'll get off the plane with a lot more enthusiasm for the day and what lies ahead.

*Share your stories of airline and airplane "productivity".... always interested in your thoughts and thanks for reading!

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