Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PERSONAL: So, What's My Answer?

    It happens in airports, it happens in restaurants... and it happens at golf tournaments.  "Hey, love your show!  Watch it all the time." 

    Frankly, it's still quite flattering and certainly something I'm proud of.  I really never spent time thinking about what I'd say some day when I wasn't doing television because I really never felt like something would come along that would legitimately make me consider leaving it.

   This is a big week coming up... our first major - the Kraft Nabisco Championship and I'll be in another airport headed to another golf tournament.  Yet, almost two years into a new career challenge leading media and communications efforts for the LPGA, I still haven't quite figured out the best response to the statement I get while traveling... or even working now when people say... "Hey, good to have the Golf Channel here!"  So here's a few of the answers or responses I seem to give.... which ultimately lead into a conversation about the old job and its many memories, and the excitement and rush of the new job.
LPGA with So Yeon Ryu & Stacy Lewis

A) "Thanks so much.  But to tell you the truth, I don't do the show anymore and I haven't for more than a year now."

B) "I love that show too.  I just don't do it anymore."

C) "Thanks for watching... but it's not me you're seeing lately."

D) "Thank you... but you must not be watching too closely... or you've got a DVR machine with a lot of extra shows on it."

   Clearly, you know the next line from me is ... "I now work for the LPGA".... but truth be told, time being an excuse, there are a couple of times I've laughed and simply said... "thank you so much" and left it at that because I haven't wanted to finish the rest of the story.  You get that right? 

Golf Channel with Martin Hall
I've said it before in this space.... I LOVED doing television.  I loved the rush and the banter and the challenge of asking good questions or reading copy or being entertaining while being informative. I actually value every single person who's come up to me and recognized me from the days spent at Golf Channel ... or even in places like Ft. Myers-Naples or Kalamazoo-Grand Rapids.  It's always been my opinion that viewers are earned....  and comments or conversations about TV are a chance to show people you care.

    So, help me out.  What's my answer the next time somebody says "Hey, I know you from somewhere" or "Hey, watch the Golf Channel all the time.  Love your show."  I'm guessing you'll come up with something more creative than my A, B, C or D.  I'm all ears... and hoping you'll give me something new to make them chuckle a bit.... but be creative.  And to those that have said something to me... I truly appreciate it.  See you on the road, or at a tournament and we'll discuss LPGA momentum!  Some great things going on for sure.

Thought for the Day:  Never underestimate the power of your audience.  At the end of the day, they'll say something about you.  Work to make those comments something positive.

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  1. Its been seven years since I did a morning radio show at my former station and a couple times a year I still get people who think I'm there. I always correct them. Drives me crazy but I realize that people don't pay as much attention to that kind of stuff as they used to 15 years ago. Also makes me realize why ratings are so messed up. Good blog KK.

    1. made a mark. You work to make a difference.... not a show or a project. I always subscribe and think - how can I leave those around you with something a bit better.

  2. Kraig,

    Do plan to write a book someday about your life and career?