Thursday, April 11, 2013

MEDIA RELATIONS: 3 Reasons "Transparency" Is a Such a Big Word

For me, it’s happened three times in the last month. Things that have come about …creating the sudden need to communicate a message.  And I’d be willing to bet somewhere in your day-to-day world you’ve found examples yourself.  The word here is transparency.  And today – more than ever – there is a real need to understand it’s importance.  There's a need to give people something.  Here are three reasons I think it’s become so big in today's media & social media driven world.

    The need to feel “connected.”:   Everybody’s connected to a group.  Everybody it seems has a the desire to build through social media – or at least wants it as a tool to feel connected.  Media interviews have become a must to grow and spread the message.  Reality shows are all the rage.  What’s the key to success in all of these ventures?  It’s the ability to allow people to see what’s real or a part of your world.  
Athletes Need To "Share"

    The demand for information:  The media wants it yesterday, not today.  There’s not much time to wait before somebody or some outlet will break some type of story.  The key is to make sure that the information IS provided, and when you do, it’s darned important that it shows people what’s going on or some degree of what’s going on.  Control the information.. but don’t hold back what you are able to give.

     The severity of the consequences:  Want to hold back?  Want to keep everything a secret?  It leaves an impression.  And today… holding back provides a feeling of guilt or egotism.  Nobody wants to be punished for not communicating. 
Everyone's Under a Microscope

   For the most part, people want to connect with you or your company or your brand.  Maybe they just want more about you.  They want to believe what it is your saying or selling.  But that means you can’t hold back when things get a bit sticky.  And for real success, it means showing more than others when things are actually normal or comfortable.

    Reality television is big because people identify with characters and situations and what they believe is authentic.  Nobody likes a press conference with staged presenters and rehearsed delivery. 

     Want success today?  As much as you can, keep it real… and be transparent.  People will find you and your brand much more like
able.  Give them something... give them what you can... just don't give them nothing.

Thought of the Day – When it comes to communication, we only have so much time.  So don’t hide.  Deliver, convince and compete to win.

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