Sunday, August 9, 2015

MEDIA COACHING: Avoiding a Complete Waste of Time

Debates Are Messaging Opportunities
With every presidential election comes the time for debate.  And lots of them.  Debate, debate, debate.  Every candidate jostling for position and a chance to state his or her position.  24 million people watched it last week – I’m guessing that included YOU.

If you are frequently interviewed, I’ll advise you to watch these debates.  Not because I’m forcing politics on you… but instead to see how each candidate handles the questions.  It’s a fascinating “watch.”

Trust me when I say that everyone who is good to great on the receiving end of questions has a message.  And with that overall message comes things that they MUST say if they are to succeed with their mission.

As someone who’s interviewed superstar athletes, celebrities and presidents too … I know when someone is there to be interviewed, or there to deliver a message.  It’s a huge difference.

Three Pieces of Advice
Here’s my three pieces of advice the next time you get the platform

·         Know your information and know the interviewer – the first part is obvious and the second gives you an idea of what you are in for.  Will they drill you with questions or engage you in conversation?  Those are two very different approaches because a conversationalist provides a sense of dialogue over sound bite.

·         Know your message – this is really the most important thing.  Going into an interview without a real “message” is really a complete waste of time.  In a sense, you've given up all control and are simply filling in someone else’s blanks with "response."

Three Key Messages - REGARDLESS of Questions
·         Have a “three things list” – and I advise this of everyone!  While preparing, and working on your message … identify the three things you need your audience to know regardless of the questions. Ask yourself “what do I need them to leave with?” or “what must they know about me and my values?” or “what do I want them to share with others?”

WHY are you Doing This Interview?
The easiest way to gain confidence going into an interview is to have the answer to why.  Why are you here?  If you don’t have the answer to that, then you really don’t have a purpose - all you have is an unused platform.

Thanks as always for reading and sharing this blog post.  I hope you find it helpful and I welcome your feedback here with comments at the bottom, or via Twitter @KraigKann.

Thought for the Day: Answering people’s questions does simply that.  Acknowledging people’s questions and delivering your message is the real key to success.  It is what politicians rehearse over and over and one of a person’s key brand-building tactics.

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