Monday, August 17, 2015

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Finding Your Personal "Command Center"

NASA has one.  The White House has one.  Television networks have them.  Disaster Relief efforts certainly have them.  It’s the epicenter, the core and the heartbeat of every major organization.  The central location and the hub through which everything runs. A "command center."

So why wouldn’t we have one too?  The fact is, we do.

Each of us is built on a foundation of core beliefs, values and personality traits.  It’s what makes you become you.

Who are YOU?
Have you ever taken the “StrengthsFinder” test?  Google it … find it, buy the book, take it.  It’s worth it – in case you haven’t already figured out who you are.

You will find out your top FIVE personality traits and how they fit you professionally.

My guess is that you will quickly see how it fits into presenting yourself to others.  And it that case, the things that make you a worthwhile speaker.  We are all wired differently but if you make speaking appearances with regularity, the Strengths test probably gives you a clue as to why you have the opportunities you do.

Back to “command” … because having true “command” of an audience requires confidence in yourself and your abilities.  Knowing what you’re good at certainly helps.

Having "Command" Equals Knowing Your Strengths
Your best speech requires  delivering – not only information – but a strong, compelling  message to an engaged audience... making sure that all of your strengths are attached.

·         If you’re a real “people person” – engage the audience through involvement

·         If you’re a “storyteller” – engage the audience sharing some of your relevant best

Challenge Peoople to THINK About What's Possbile
·         If you’re an “ideas person” – engage the audience with things that make them think

·         If you’re a “details person” – engage the audience with powerful statistical data

At the heart of every presentation is YOU … the "delivery person."  It’s important to figure out what you stand for ...before finding the best way to stand out.

And with that … comes personal confidence, a commanding presence and the ability to “own the room.”
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Thought for the Day: The best speakers are the most authentic and the most engaging.  Remember, they picked you for a reason.  That alone should give you the confidence needed to deliver with impact.

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